The Total Betting Club Affiliate Programme

Sign up for FREE to our affiliate programme and start generating a healthy second income. We pay a superb 50% commission on all referrals that subscribe to the club. We provide you with the necessary banners and text links so that you can easily start to send prospective customers to our homepage. We have a very high conversion rate and most people who join the club do stay with us for much longer than just 1 month, so you can be assured of regular commissions that can span months at a time. We always pay our affiliates promptly on the 1st of every month, via PayPal.

The betting industry is huge at the moment and most punters are more than willing to seek out profitable systems and methods in order to generate profits. Our horse racing systems and betting systems are unique and exclusive and as such this makes our club extremely sellable to any potential mailing list. As an example, 1 affiliate managed to generate just over 100 subscriptions from a list of just 2000 names. This was done through 5-6 seperate mailshots and the income generated for the affiliate was just over £1,000 with many repeat subscriptions coming in over the months ahead.

You don't need to be an experienced bettor or have great knowledge of the betting industry. Simply sign up to the affiliate programme and promote us to your lists. We'll even provide you with the necessary email template if you need it. So all you need to do is simply paste our template into 1 message and click send. It's that easy. You can check on your daily statistics at any time by logging into you affiliates account so you will know exactly how well your campaign/s are doing.

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