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Free Horse Racing System

Included with the complimentary news letter is an exclusive free horse racing system. In early trials this made in excess of £20,000 from £100 stakes, evidenced by the full results, which are also provided

Other horse racing systems...

The Old Three Four Free Horse Racing System

To say this horse racing system has been awesome would be an understatement.

14 Winning Months On The Bounce!!

2011 produced +790.87 points

2012 produced +466.59 points

2013 currently sits at +515.08 points
(after just 4 months!)

To just £20 stakes that's an incredible £35,450 profit since April 2011!

Access this method as soon as you join. The rules can be found in the members' area and the system's main thread is updated daily also in our members' area, with the previous day's results and current day's potential selections! It couldn't be easier!


This is another one of our long-term betting systems. This system has an amazing golden period that runs during the Flat season from May the 1st to August the 31st..

For the last two years the results using our streamlined staking plan at double stakes have been incredible!!

+936.5 points for 2011

+1099.96 points for 2012

What has 2013 got in store for us???

Hopefully much more of the same...


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